Coffee & Capital Gains

No-Risk, No-Obligation.  Just our way of meeting & helping business owners.

This is a FREE program that:


  • Takes the time to learn about you and your business

  • Conducts a discovery and analysis of your expenses

  • Provides you with a personalized, strategic plan for immediate cost savings

  • Creates a roadmap for future business optimization and higher profits



Pathway to Profits

Reduce Expenses. Increase Productivity.

Boost Your Bottom Line.

Win the Game of Business.

This is a retainer-based program that will help you to:

  • Dramatically reduce your operating costs and significantly improve your bottom line

  • Eliminate cash flow problems

  • Examine every expense of your business, create new alternatives and implement changes with no disruption

  • Develop new standards for measuring your business

  • Implement proven strategies for continuously challenging yourself and the profitability of your business

  • Create an improved psychology and leadership for getting your business beyond its current chokehold

  • Experience the benefits of true ownership, as opposed to being the tired “operator”

Bidding & Procurement

A Compilation of Strategies That Successfully Produced Over $100 million Worth of Service and Installation Contracts

We can help Vendors with Procurement or Service Providers that need assistance with bidding, estimating and proposal generation.

  • Separate yourself from “the herd”

  • Confidently build different types of bids and pricing models that will save your business time, money and years of painful mistakes

  • Create or Dissect RFP’s to position yourself as the authority

  • Get results as opposed to going through rounds of painful analysis without decisions being made

  • Create Union and Non-Union bids

  • Be mindful of contract language and conditions that can sink your business

  • Leverage key information that gives you competitive advantages

  • Accurately calculate work-loading and productivity rates

  • Build a blueprint for profitable work order rates

  • Innovate your service delivery model to add value and change the playing field

  • Refine the presentation of your bid

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