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Greg Montesano, Founder & CEO

Client demands, employee issues, cash flow problems, chasing vendors, not enough time with your family…I’ve been there.  But how often are you taking the time (or have the time) to deeply analyze your financials and make lasting changes that reduce your operating costs?

I am a husband, a father, a proud owner of a 175 lb. Great Dane and I’ve spent my entire life working in service-based businesses.  From delivering newspapers, to caddying, to cleaning office buildings after school with my father all the way up to becoming President of a premier services company in New York City.  I’ve generated and managed over $100 million worth of profitable maintenance and installation contracts and consistently delivered outstanding returns to my ownership group.

Month after month, the Profit & Loss Statement has been my scorecard.  I've mastered a 3rd generation system for bidding, estimating and procurement.  In the last decade, I've worked with some of NYC's top lawyers, accountants, HR professionals, software developers and various business consultants.  I captured all of the best practices during each encounter.  In addition, I've logged thousands of hours learning from one of the top business advisors in the world.


I'd be honored to put my experience and strategies to work on behalf of you and your business. 

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Highly recommended by previous satisfied clients.

“His fresh new way of approaching our operations and the direction he envisioned it to go was exactly what we needed from our maintenance contractor.  In addition to bringing innovation to the work process, Greg also found ways to reduce our costs, which he felt would be a way to form a good partnership.  This set the stage for an excellent work relationship.”


Regional VP of Operations, JCDecaux

“I knew I was dealing with someone that maintained the highest level of character, ethics and business standards.  The fact that I could put my trust in you was a great comfort, allowing me to focus on other responsibilities.”


- Vice President, Outfront Media

“He is candid, collaborative and creative in the solutions he proposes.  It is rare to find a business partner that treats our team like part of his own family.”


- Director of Service Delivery Operations, Citibike

“Greg was dedicated to making sure things were done right and worked hard to keep his team performing at a high level of service.”


- CEO, Signal Outdoor Advertising

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