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The Prevailing Group helps service providers save money on their operating costs so they can generate more profit. We leverage real life experience and proven strategies that will save you money, years of painful mistakes and will significantly boost your bottom line.

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I know the frustrations of running a service business and I've designed these services with you in mind. We have different programs depending upon your needs, but you can be sure we'll help you make lasting changes to your bottom line.

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Pathway to Profits

Boosting Your Bottom Line

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Bidding & Procurement

Helping Vendors & Contractors Achieve Results

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The cure for reducing costs.

Helping service providers reduce their operating costs so they can generate more profit.

The common cure for an underperforming service business is to get out there and sell, sell, sell. I think a better question is…how efficiently can you convert revenue into profits? Client demands, employee issues, cash flow problems, chasing vendors, not enough time with your family…I’ve been there. But how often are you taking the time (or have the time) to deeply analyze the financials and make lasting changes that reduce your operating costs?

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We understand the service business and what it takes to maximize profitability. We also understand questions surrounding the methods used to cut costs and increase revenue. Here's some of the most frequently asked questions.

The Prevailing Group - Helping Service Providers Cut Costs

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